‘FollowPlus to Launch Soon’ Says Founder Lindsey Buxton

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What would happen if Twitter and Facebook had a baby? You’d probably end up with FollowPlus, this amazing new app set to launch sometime this month. I sat down with founder and CEO Lindsey Buxton during the AVN/AEE Expo to find out just exactly Follow+ is.

As an online model, Lindsey is no stranger to social media and branding. After years of successfully marketing her own brand, website and social media, Like many of us utilizing social media for business purposes, Lindsey grew frustrated with failed attempts at monetizing her content. Out of this frustration grew the idea for Follow+.

Plainly put, FollowPlus is a way to generate income simply for using social media. Signing up is free andFollow+ FollowPlus easy–anyone with an existing Twitter account or an email can sign up and log in. Simple. Once your logged in, you are ready to start “plussing”, which is the Follow+ equivalent to “following”. ┬áNow you can start posting exclusive content, such as photos, videos, voice notes, etc, to your followers and start generating some cash!

With FollowPlus you are in complete control of your creative content. You decide what is public and what is exclusive (or what generates money), you set the price and you post the content. Follow+ takes care of sign ups, billing and paying you. So how often and how do you get paid for your content? “We pay daily through your bank or credit card,”says Founder Lindsey Buxton.

FollowPlus is free to join, whether you are a “plusser” or you are someone who is trying to earn some cash for your content. Follow plus uses an 80/20 split–you keep 80% of the fees you set and 20% goes to FollowPlus.

“It’s time to get paid for social media content” says Buxton.

Buxton added that the set-up and use is very similar to Twitter, including auto tweet features, being able to join through Twitter and being able to add your Instagram account and link all of your social media accounts together.

The FollowPlus app is set to launch sometime this month, with a free mobile app on all platforms currently being developed as well.

Interested in joining Follow+? Check them out on Twitter @AskFollowPlus and visit their website www.FollowPlus.com

And you can follow me on FollowPlus now too!


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