Fetishes and Fantasies

fetishes and fantasies
 The world of sex and lust would be incomplete if it weren’t for sexual fantasies. Fantasizing is a normal and healthy fact of life. What woman hasn’t fantasized that the guy pounding her is really Channing Tatum in all his Magic Mike glory and not the average looking drunk financial adviser she picked up at the bar? And men are constantly fantasizing about getting a glossy, red lipstick blow job from Meghan Fox. Face it, fantasies are a reality.
What happens when those sexual fantasies become an obsession? Well, then they are simply termed “fetishes”. The word fetish means an intense fixation and, when it comes to sexual fetishes, it means that the object of the person’s fetish must be present in order for the person to become fetishes and fantasiesaroused.
I’ve partaken in many a sexual fantasy, both of my desire and of my partner’s. Role playing seems to be popular among men. It always seems to be the same thing though: naughty nurse, slutty school girl or dominating mistress. Guys, are these images really the only ones you can come up with? They’re so cliche.
But as far as fetishes are concerned, I have but one, and it even has a name: Garment Fetishism. I go absolutely insane for uniforms. I can spot them, like finely tuned radar, up to a mile away! It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing, if there is a man in uniform within proximity, I’ll find him, I guarantee it! (FYI Mr. Sports Fan is a Marine wink wink)
Lately I have taken part in some sexy foot games with Mr Sports Fan to indulge a new found fetish of his: retifism, or a fetish for shoes, feet and heels. He goes absolutely insane anytime I have on a pair of heels. I guess it doesn’t hurt that I have amazing legs and cute feet. Plus, I really know how to walk in a pair of heels, how to own them… and every man in the room!
How about you, my sexy readers: Any fantasies or fetishes you’d care to own share? I promise, if you tell me, I won’t bite… unless you’re into that 😉

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