~Fabulously Fall -ing~


I bet I know what you are thinking: WTF? SingleGirl is falling for someone?? Well you’re…  WRONG! There is NO FUCKING WAY that’s happening (again)! I just wanted to take a minute to list a few reasons why I love Fall….

* I was born in the fall so, DUH, of course fall is awesome!

*Being naked under fluffy blankets. Summer is too hot, winter is too cold, but fall… ahhh, fall is juuuuust right!

*Fall colors look fabulous on pretty much everyone!! Orange, red, gold…love them all!

*The weather is perfect for just about any outfit! A cute summer dress can be transformed into the perfect fall outfit with a cardi or a jacket. Or try jeans and boots with a cute top. Or shorts with a long sleeve T (if you are here in New England, bring a cute jacket with you as well because the temps are dropping at night this time of year) The options are endless!

* It’s perfect hair weather!!! I have very thick, long, wavy hair that does not handle humidity well. Fall, with it’s low or no humidity, means every day can be a perfect hair day!

*Everything tastes and smells FABULOUS! apples, pumpkin,  nutmeg, cinnamon…. and if you can sprinkle these on a sexy piece of eye candy well…. Trick or treat!!

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