The Ex That Can’t Let Go

can't let go

We all have that one ex that either we can’t let go of or that won’t let go of us. For whatever reason, things just didn’t work out and you parted ways, it happens.

I have at least one ex who just can’t seem to let go of something that, I think, we never even had and that someone is Mr. G-spot. He and I “dated” for about 2 months back in the fall of 2011 after meeting on We instantly hit it off  and the sex between us was mind blowing! No, really, it was out of this world amazing between us. So much so that he remains in my top 3 EVER! But like all good things, this too came to an end, and for no good reason really. As much as I liked him and we got along great, plus there was the mind blowing sex, I really just backed off and moved on. That’s it.

We’ve kept in touch over the last couple years with the occasional text and phone call, met for a meal once or twice, but that was about it. Our busy lives got in the way, but we remained friends.

can't let go

The weekend that I met Mr. Sports Fan was the last weekend I saw (a.k.a fucked) Mr. G-Spot. Oh, don’t get me wrong, he has tried and tried to get me to meet him on numerous occasions, but I keep turning him down. I’ve gone so far as to tell him that Mr. Sports Fan and I are still together, but it doesn’t stop him.

A couple weeks ago he text me, “I want to be your boyfriend”


This baffled the shit out of me because never once while we were dating/fucking did we ever talk about relationship stuff. We enjoyed each other’s company, we had fun together, we laughed, we enjoyed talking about politics and religion, we shared a lot of the same views on a lot of the same things and we had great sex. That was it.

Could we have maybe built a relationship out of all that, sure, maybe, but did I want to? Hell no! At that point in my singledom I had no business even attempting a relationship, and he just wasn’t what I would consider relationship material. He’s a great guy, but at 40 (shut up, don’t judge, I was in my date-older-men phase) you should have your head a little more firmly on your shoulders than he did. He lived like a recent college grad: smoking a bowl every night, going out drinking with the guys after work 3-4 times a week, living off of left over take-out food in a condo furnished with dorm room style furniture while you are the VP of a very lucrative financial institution and, oh wait, you’re freakin’ 40 years old!

Now, nearly 3 years later, he’s decided that I’m the one for him, he can’t let go no matter how hard he tries and that he wants to give us a try?! (All his words by the way) Seriously?! Dude, what the fuck? Did I literally fuck your brains out?

Maybe he’s having a midlife crisis.

In the end I let him down easy and told him that while I am flattered, we could never be more than just friends.

I’m getting soft as I get older, aren’t I?


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