Down and Dirty with Seth Gamble

Seth Gamble
Seth Gamble and Boston Single Girl on the red carpet at AVN Awards 2015 (Sorry guys, no sneak peeks of me, lol)

It’s hard not to get lost in fantasy land when looking into the incredible baby blues of adult film star Seth Gamble. And by fantasy land I mean the fantasy of ravaging this absolutely smoking hot piece of man candy…it really is hard to concentrate on anything else…or maybe that’s just me. In case you can’t tell, he’s my male porn star crush (Sorry Johnny Castle)

After running into each other quite a bit at the AVN Expo this past January (2015) and catching up a bit, I sat with him for a more in-depth interview. Ladies, I am not trying to kill your lady boner, but there is more to this delicious man than what’s on the surface.

Seth Gamble
Seth Gamble and Boston Single Girl on the red carpet at AVN Awards 2015 (Sorry guys, no sneak peeks of me, lol)

Originally from Florida, Seth Gamble got into the adult industry in 2006 at the age of 18 working with Bang Bros., a web-based porn company. After two years,  he decided to move to LA and do more than just web videos. But this is all the same fluff that anyone could look up using Google. I wanted to know the real story behind Seth Gamble.

Seth Gamble: The Early Years

He and I joked and I told him,”This is the E! True Hollywood type interview that you almost never get, so tell your fans everything you want them to know about the real you.”

He really opened up and told me about his childhood, how his parents split up when he was 14 and it messed him up. He told me how he ran away at 15 to Rochester, NY because, ” I thought I could do it all alone. I had 4 jobs to support myself.”

Being so open and vulnerable made Seth pretty emotional at this point in the interview. He described himself as, ‘”a very visual person. So when I remember things from the past, it’s like I can see them, and it… (breaking off)… I had a very hard childhood. I’d never change it for a second. It made me who I am.”

Moving past that exact point in his life, Seth said that when he was 16 he moved in with his Godparents. A scrawny, skinny kid, he started going to the gym and working out. “It really boosted my confidence.”

Around this time, he says he met his first love, Kelli, on MySpace. They dated for about a year and a half (until he was 18). “I got into some legal trouble and she broke up with me. It took me a long time to trust a woman again.”

At 18, that trouble led him to a 23 hour lock down. ” I was lost. That 23 hours… I straightened myself out.” Faced with $40K in court fees, Seth decided to do porn in order to pay it off. “I think doing porn saved my life.”

Seth was working as a male dancer—a stripper that dresses as a dancing bear. He went to a casting for an adult movie as a back up (the back-up is basically the stunt dick. If the hired actor can’t stay hard on camera or something happens, they have a few back-ups on set to fill in or finish the scene). “The director looked at me and said ‘He’s not the back-up, he’s my talent!’ and that was my 1st contract.”

Seth Gamble: The Porn Star!

For years, Seth’s mentor in the business was fellow male talent Dale Dabone. When both Seth and Dale got roles in the Saturday Night Fever parody, and Seth Gamble was cast as the lead over Dale, “it made me nervous because I’m his protege.” While filming Saturday Night Fever, Seth recalls Dale telling him, “Your career is going to skyrocket!”

(At this point in the interview, a fan stopped by to tell Seth, “I see you doing all the MILF’s, you’re my hero!” Seth shook his hand, thanked him and took a photo. Seth later told me, “I appreciate my fans keeping me in business.”)

When I asked him what his favorite scenes are, I laughed when he answered, “I like it all!” That’s my kind of man! “When it comes to sex, I just want chemistry, ” he added. Mmmm don’t we all?! Although I have to say, I think any woman who doesn’t have chemistry with him must have a broken vajay! Just sayin’

At the time of my interview with Seth, he was a little less than a month away from his 27th birthday. I asked if, like his good friend and fellow male star Johnny Castle, he’d like to take his career behind the camera, to which he replied, “By 30 I’d like to make the transition to behind the camera, for now being on camera gives me the tools, financially, to make that transition when I’m ready.”

As for a favorite girl, Seth won’t admit to having one. “Every girl brings something to the table.”

 Seth Gamble: The Lady’s Man

Seth’s first love Kelli wasn’t the only leading lady in his young life. At the tender age of 22, Seth married a fellow porn star, a female actress he met on the set of a Vivid shoot. “It was a really co-dependent relationship. She was the first person to make me feel really special. She loved me more than she loved herself.” Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t work out, “I spent a lot of time trying to make my marriage work. I loved her very much, but when one person doesn’t trust the other, it won’t work.”

So what kind of girl is Seth Gamble attracted to? “Generally, I date older women.”

When you’re career involves nearly instant sex with a parade of beautiful women, how do you keep that mindset from taking over your dating life? Can, is, Seth Gamble a gentlemen? “I can be a gentlemen…but only is she’s a classy woman.” Well said!!

The crowds were gathering and I had already been sitting with Seth for about an hour at this point; I knew he had things going on in his schedule while he was at the show, so I wrapped it up and got these final words from him:

“I try to be a better person today than I was yesterday.”

“I try to find happiness everywhere, everyday.”

Wise, smart, friendly and hot! ::swoon::

If you want to keep track of what Seth Gamble is up to, you can follow him on Twitter @SethGamblexxx

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    • I’m glad that I met him last year and was able to catch up with him again this year. I’m so thankful for his openness and honesty. We talked about so much and I did leave some stuff out for journalistic integrity. Seth is just an all around cool guy and I’m glad I got to hang out and talk to him.

  1. Your story is factually inaccurate. Seth first began on the gay side of the adult film industry for a website called CollegeDudes247. In addition to solo videos, he has a hardcore sex scene with Kurt Wild.

    The BangBros website doesn’t list Seth working for them until 2008, during which time he went by the name “Dimitri.”

      • Hi BSG (if I may call you that), 🙂

        First, I want to thank you for putting up my post–even if we disagree. Less responsible bloggers would have deleted it outright, and I appreciate you putting it up so people know there are different viewpoints out there.

        Second, about Seth: I’m not suggesting there isn’t nuance to his resume, but by using this interview with as your only source, you’re writing just part of a story–what he wishes to discuss, not what he doesn’t. That’s an approach used by PR people and fanboys/fangirls; everything on your site suggests that you’re better than that.

        There’s a lot of verified information out there about Seth’s early work–check QueerMeNow or just Google “Seth Gamble Troy Gabriel” to see what shows up. And I fully get it that Seth would choose to avoid this topic for so many reasons:

        –What was he thinking?
        –What does this say about his sexuality?
        –What else might he be hiding?

        But I think these questions are so easily answered (I was young & didn’t know how the industry worked; I’m straight and treated this as a one-off job; I’m only hiding meaningless shit like stealing a pack of gum as a kid). Toss these into the start of your post, and you’ve rounded it out.

        I like your site. I’m note here to troll or push some agenda. I’m just saying that the Boston single girls I know (and over eight years here, I’ve gotten to know a bunch) wouldn’t call themselves unfiltered if they’re taking something at face value without diving down into a story as far as they can go.

        • Adam, Thank you for a) coming back and b) for being polite. Had you not been polite, I would have simply deleted your comment and moved on. I appreciate a good discussion and this is quickly becoming a good discussion 🙂

          First, I know that what I wrote may seem more like it’s coming from a PR standpoint. As a true journalist, and not just a blogger, I pride myself on getting the truth across to people, raw and real. With that being said, there is such a thing (maybe not so much these days) as journalistic integrity. What type of journalist would I be if I aired everyone’s dirty laundry? As you can see from my site, I have no problem airing my own, but that’s my business to share or keep hidden. Do you see what I’m saying?

          Seth and I did discuss a lot of topics which I chose to keep out of this article. He broke down and got really, really personal with me, much like two friends would, and I chose to keep certain information confidential between the two of us. That had nothing to do with Seth, Seth had no idea what I would and would not write once he said it. But I didn’t get where I am in life by screwing people over and I’m not going to start now just because it’s what the masses may want to read.

          I will corroborate what you said about Seth doing a gay film because, and only because, Seth and I discussed it and he is comfortable with saying, “Fuck it, yeah I did it, it’s out there, whatever.” Please keep in mind that for both genders in the industry there is such a thing as gay for pay. 😉 It’s not that I don’t know the information, or that I didn’t research Seth and am blindly hanging on his every word and holding that as the only truth. It’s, quite honestly, that I know the truth and am choosing what parts to make public and which parts not to.

          If a friend told you something, even if they never said it was in confidence, but you just knew this juicy gossip or intimate information is something everyone was dying to know, would you betray your friend’s trust in you or would you do the honorable thing and keep that shit to yourself?

          I look forward to your reply.
          Yours truly…

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