Does Your Sex/Life Need A Jump Start?

Sex/Life Netflix Billie Cooper Brad
Image courtesy of Netflix

It’s a fairy tale as old as time: girl meets guy. Guy woos girl. Girl and guy fall in love, get married, have babies and live happily ever after. But, what happens when girl starts fantasizing about her steamy, raunchy old flame because guy doesn’t satisfy her? This is pretty much the premise of the hit Netflix show Sex/Life.

Sex/Life Netflix Billie Cooper Brad
Image courtesy of Netflix

Sex/Life on Netflix

Netflix describes their new hit Sex/Life as “A woman’s daring sexual past collides with her married-with-kids present when the bad-boy ex she can’t stop fantasizing about crashes back into her life.

Billie is your average suburban housewife– two beautiful children and a her gorgeous Prince Charming of a husband, Cooper. Except Billie’s past is anything but average! This girl fucked and sucked her way across Manhattan like a rock star! Rich guys, poor guys, stoners, Wall St. suits…and bad boys.

Ooooooh, we all have that bad boy (or multiple bad boys if you are anything like me) from our past. The one who just the thought of them can send erotic shivers down your spine. The one you fantasize about when you reach for that goody drawer in your night stand. Enter Brad. Brad is the ultimate bad boy from Billie’s tantalizing past. Australian, motorcycle riding, leather jacket wearing, music producer who pushes all of Billie’s erogenous zones–publicly and privately. But after years of a roller coaster relationship–and the most amazing sex of her life–Brad shatters Billie’s heart one last time. Billie moves on (sort of), and.. enter Cooper.

Team Brad or Team Cooper?

Someone on Twitter asked me recently if I was Team Brad or Team Cooper. My response: “Tough call. Personally, train wrecks are my type. I’d try to convince hubby to swing.”

Why settle for one sexy man when you could have two, right?

Watching this series, though, made me wonder: Why do women have to choose between Prince Charming and Best-Sex-of-My-Life guy? Why can’t we have both? And, more importantly, why is it so fucking hard to find a guy who is both?!

Prince Charming and Best-Sex-of-My-Life Guy

Like Billie, I’ve “hoed my way” all over Boston (and many other cities) sewing my wild oats and, more importantly, having wild, uninhibited, leg-shaking sex. I’ve had a string of bad boy train wrecks who were so wrong for me in so many ways, but oh, sooooo good in so many others! There have also been a few nice guys sprinkled in as well. The problem with the nice guys, though, is vanilla sex.

What’s the expression? Nice guys finish last? Well, in my experience it’s the nice guys who finish first and the bad boys who can go ALL. Night. Long!

The bad ones screw you and the good ones don’t know how to screw you.


I don’t think I’ve found my Prince Charming yet. Or, maybe I did and I was so bored that I cast him aside. Who knows. Don’t get me wrong–I have certainly had the guys who are loyal, sweet, romantic, honest, affectionate, and want the whole white picket fence fairy tale. The wild, sensual, ho in a handbasket side of me always cast them aside when things started getting real, though. I’d run far and fast in search of that high. The kind of high that only comes from entangling myself with that train wreck of a man who would fuck up my world and fuck my brains out.

For me, that guy is Mr. Sports Fan.

Real Life Sex/Life: He’s my Brad!

Passion. Chemistry. Uninhibited. Raunchy. Steamy. Raw. Leg-shaking. These are just a few of the many words that come to mind when I think about sex with Mr. Sports Fan. And I think about it. Often.

The tortured, misunderstood soul. The fuck-the-world attitude. The ability to charm a nun out of her panties if he wanted her. Oh yes! Mr. Sports Fan is certainly my Brad.

I wanted him to be my Cooper so. Fucking. Bad. Well, maybe not 100% Cooper–maybe 70% Cooper and 30% Brad.

Which brings me back to my original question: Why do women have to choose between having a Cooper and having a Brad?

I want both. I need both! Stability, honesty, loyalty, commitment, affection, unconditional love…and mind-blowing, throw-me-against-the-wall-and-fuck-me-silly sex. I want the guy I can trust 1000% with my heart and my body. The guy who I never have to doubt because he would never, ever do anything to hurt me or break my trust. The one who knows he can charm the panties off any female, but would never entertain the thought of doing so because his loyalty lies with me. The man who always keeps his word. The guy who’s stable financially and emotionally. The guy who is my anywhere-anytime-DTF guy. Basically, a gentlemen in the streets and an absolute animal in the sheets (or car, or desk, or dressing room…you get my point).

Still Looking for my Brad/Cooper Combo!

I haven’t found my Brad/Cooper combo yet, but while I wait, I will continue reaching for that goody drawer every time I fantasize about Mr. Sports Fan.

Are you Team Cooper or Team Brad? Do you think it’s possible for a man to be both? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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