Do You Have A Bad Date Buddy?

bad date buddy

bad date buddy

OK Readers, we’ve all had them: those horrible dates where you just can’t wait for the first chance to ditch the person, but how? When? Fear not dear readers for I have the solution! You need a bad date buddy. This idea is not a new one, but it is certainly a useful and necessary one. Here’s the story of how I used my bad date buddy plan last summer…

It’s no secret that I meet the majority of my potential dates through online dating. I just don’t have the time, availability or desire to go out alone night after night hoping to meet someone so, online it is! Anyhoo…One night last summer, my very best friend and I both had first dates on the same night. Knowing that things could go horribly wrong at some point that evening for either one of us, we “suggested” to our dates, separately of course via text, that we go into Boston. My date was taking me to Finale near Copley Plaza and her date was taking her to Improv Asylum in the North End. Perfect!

Our plan was this: If at any point either of us felt we needed to get out of the date we would call the other from the ladies room, get a location on where the other one was and then tell our date “I just got a call from my best friend and she’s on a horrible first date and needs rescuing…would you mind if we met up with her to save her?” Innocent enough! If the guy said no to helping a friend in need, then he’s a dirt bag in our book and we’d just walk away anyway.

By the end of dessert I had really just had enough of this man sitting across the table from me. He was nice and all, but he really just had no personality! Anything we had in common had already been discussed through email and text over the course of the week leading up to the date and I felt like I had to carry the entire conversation all night. I excused myself, went to the ladies room and initiated our plan of action by sending a text: Help! I need saving! Where are you guys?! She text me back that they were at the Improv and would be leaving soon and that her date wasn’t going well either. He was cocky and arrogant and so not a gentlemen at all! Impolite and just NOT her type it turned out. We decided we’d help each other out by coercing our unsuspecting escorts into meeting up at Cheers in Faneuil Hall because we needed to rescue the other from a bad first date.

By the time my date and I arrived at Cheers my BFF and her date were already there. We sat, chatted (her and I mostly, not the guys) had two drinks and then decided it was time to end this once and for all. I made up a story about needing to be up early the next morning to get some work done for a story deadline and she insisted on traveling with me since we live near each other and were taking the train. My date got the hint (I think) and the four of us walked out together where my date and I said goodbye and shook hands (lol). Her date, not catching on and thinking he had any chance with either of us, offered to drive us to a nearby train station where she had parked her car. She and I went home together and the boy went home alone, lol.

Moral of the story: Like the Boy Scouts say, ALWAYS be prepared! 😉

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