Why Would You Contact Your Ex’s Current?!

contact ex's current there's a chance

contact your ex's current there's a chance

Have you ever heard the saying “Curiosity killed the cat”? I’m just as curious and inquisitive as the next gal, but sometimes you just have to lock that shit up! When? Oh, how about when it involves an ex!

Imagine this: you split up months ago,haven’t had contact in months, and then WHAM all of a sudden the ex comes crawling out of the wood work. Readers, there’s never a good reason to contact an ex. More importantly there is never, EVER a good reason to contact your ex’s current!

Why do exes do this? Why go searching for information, cyber stalking your ex and his current, and going as far as to actually reach out via email and text? Is it to make themselves feel better about their own inadequacies during the relationship? Is it because they hope he/she isn’t as happy with the current as they were with you? Isn’t as satisfied? Are they holding out hope of reconciliation? Or maybe they want to throw it in your face that they are better off without you.

I’ve been contacted by exes before. Typically it’s after months and months have gone by without any contact at all, and then, out of nowhere, I get the “hey” text. More often than not, I have no idea who it is because I’ve deleted them from my contacts. (I had this happen recently with Maverick and Mr. G Spot!) Usually they are looking to hook up again, other times it’s because they’ve been Facebook stalking me, see that I’m happy and want to know “why him and not me?” (true story… Maverick asked me that!)

Recently, I had a rather rare thing happen. Not only was I contacted by an ex, but I was contacted by an ex that wasn’t ┬ámine! That’s right my brilliant readers, I was contacted by one of Mr. Sports Fans ex’s. This woman tracked down this very blog (how I have no idea, but hey, whatever, hope she enjoys reading the juicy details of my sex life) and then emailed me. Why the fuck would you email your ex’s current?! I’ll tell you why… jealousy. He left her for me. I made him happy and she couldn’t. I’m there for him and we work together as a team. We click, from day one we have just clicked. We are literally the male and female versions of each other. So sweety, if it was revenge you were after, you picked the wrong girl! If it’s reconciliation you seek, HAHA, not in your wildest fucking dreams hun.

Contacting your ex’s current is a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of pettiness and of someone who simply likes to stir up trouble. If you contact your ex’s current in the hopes that it will split the two of them up and your ex will come running back to you, think again! It makes you look catty, vengeful, small and jealous.


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