Can A Guy Survive Bad Sexual Chemistry?

men talk about bad sexual chemistry

I’ve talked a lot about whether or not bad sexual chemistry is something that can be survived and you all no where I stand on this… hell no it can’t! But what do guys think when slipping it to her makes them wish they had slipped right out the door instead? Joshua Pompey is an online dating and relationship expert who has stopped by to give a guy’s point of view on whether bad sexual chemistry is something that can be survived.   For more advice from Joshua Pompey, visit his site for free online dating tips and advice.  Or visit his world famous profile writing service to receive a free profile evaluation and custom made profiles.


Now I’ve been with my share of beautiful woman.  But this one was on a whole different level. Don’t get me wrong.  I certainly don’t lack confidence.  In fact, I have my days where my arrogance unintentionally borders on sheer obnoxiousness.  But this girl was unbelievable on every level to the point where I couldn’t even believe what was happening.

Long beautiful brown hair, stunning face, curvy body in all the right places, perfect white smile, and those big doughy princess eyes that seem innocent on the surface, but with her you just knew there was something mischievous lying beneath.  

I couldn’t even believe I was in the same room with this girl, let alone on a date, and here she is buying me shot after shot, clearly trying to get me drunk.  It was obvious where this date was heading within the first ten minutes.  The spark and chemistry was there.  The signs were there.  It was on.

We head back to her place where apparently she was one of the seven people on the planet that didn’t own a television.  Now there was really nothing to do but hook up unless she planned on reading one of the five books she had mounted like trophies on her shelf, that she has clearly never read in her life.

Alright, its game time.  The kissing starts.

Now I’ve had my bad kisses in the day.  But I don’t what the hell this was.  She came at me like a lizard, jabbing me with her tongue, practically beating my tongue into submission.  I’ve never actually had a kiss that borderline hurt until this moment. 

All right I think to myself.  Maybe I just need to correct her a little bit.  I slow it down.  I try to kiss her lips slowly.  I attempt to redirect her motions.

Fail.   The assault on my mouth continued with relentless force.

Maybe the sex will be better right?  Let’s just say the scars I have from that night are still healing. Teeth went where teeth should never go.  If I went slow, she went hyper speed. If I flipped one way, she flipped the other.  And those kisses. Oh for the love of God, I can’t get those kisses out of my head.

Now despite my best reservations, her beauty still got the best of me and gave her two more chances.  The power of a sexy woman right? 

I convinced myself that I could change her.  I could correct the poor kissing.  I could fix the bad sex.  She was hot dammit, and where there is a will, there is a well.

My efforts were an epic fail.  Nothing I did seemed to work.  After kissing her on multiple occasions, praying to the sex gods above that the next time would be miraculously different, it never was.   As for the sex?  My efforts were fruitless as well.  Here I was with a girl who was an eleven on a one to ten and I couldn’t even enjoy it.

Which raises the questions.  Could bad sexual chemistry be improved?

Let’s be clear.  I never actually said something verbally.  All my attempts were made with physical redirects that went unnoticed.   

Would things have improved if I was more verbal about it?  If we kept dating for months at a time, would things have gotten better?

But then when I think about the evidence at hand, she mentioned on her date that she had two long-term relationships in her life.  If she never changed during those points, it seemed futile that she would change now.  She was twenty-seven years old.  Perhaps it was just to late to learn.  She was who she was. 

And so, against all my will power in the world, and as powerless as this beautiful woman made me from a strictly visual perspective, I had to eject and let her loose, convinced that I would never be able to enjoy her physically. 

The question I raise to all of you though is, was this just one big mistake?  Can sexual chemistry be improved, or was this just one big massive mistake on my part…

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  1. If she was AMAZING in EVERY other way, perhaps it would be worth trying to improve the chemistry by talking about it, however that would take a lot of time and openness and willingness from both of you. It depends how much future potential you felt the two of you had to determine how much effort to invest in improving the chemistry. Love this story though because I think it is something a lot of people experience and could relate to!

  2. Bad chemistry in the bedroom can be improved but only if you have a foundation of good communication! Performance between the sheets is a touchy subject so respect and tact is required! But if the person is awesome in every other way…isn’t it worth trying?

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