Break Ups and Penises Are Both Hard!

break ups
break ups

The inevitable has occurred and Mr DJ and I are no longer together. It was mutual, very grown up of us both I must say, and we are absolutely able to remain friends.Breakups are hard, but so are other men’s penises! So how am I moving on from this? By getting right back on the penis out there and meeting new people!

I’ll admit I absolutely thought I maybe kind of sort of  might possibly deep down be starting to feel just a tiny bit of something for Mr DJ, maybe. Once I realized just how vanilla the sex was and that he absolutely could not handle the dirty little sex kitten that I am, not even if it was only a slight variation from vanilla (something like French Vanilla or cookies & cream even), that was the end of any feelings I thought I could’ve maybe had. Was it wrong to end it for this reason? Is sex really so important to a relationship that even if everything else falls into place sex can still be the deal breaker?
AbsoFUCKINlutely! In any relationship intimacy is extremely important. In a sexual relationship if one partner isn’t happy and satisfied it can break down even the best relationship. You need to be open and communicate with your partner. Tell him or her what you want, need and desire. Fantasies, roll playing, kinky shit you read or saw…lay it all out there without shame!  Far too many people seem to feel shameful or embarrassed about telling someone what they want, what turns them on and what they like. Sex is a natural part of human existence so why not make it an enjoyable one?! Sex is fantastic for your health, a great stress reliever and a lot of fun! And, if done right, it’s also a great workout (wanna feel my abs?)
Breakups are tough sometimes, but this one hasn’t been. I tend to be able to stay friends with most of my exes. Some guys find this fact threatening and I don’t understand it. Especially in this situation with Mr DJ: if we had fun, laughed, talked, etc and had a great time together, everything was good except the sex, what’s the big deal if we keep in touch and stay friends? Jealousy and possessiveness are very ugly qualities gentlemen, just saying.
It’s Friday night, I’m single and ready to continue living out Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night 😉 Wanna join me?

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