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There’s good news for Boston residents looking for love: Beantown ranks as the No. 1 place to find love – or at least a casual courtship, if that’s more Find Love in Bostonyour speed. Recent Zillow research revealed the hottest metros to pair up this year, with New Orleans, Indianapolis, Richmond, VA and Louisville rounding out the top five.

How did Boston make it to the top of the romance roster? The metro outperformed the competition in nearly every category. Several factors dictated which cities made the list of leading love spots, including the percentage of singles in the population, the number of single residents new to the location, the number of date spots per 10,000 people and the median individual income of single residents age 18 and older.

Find Love: It’s a Numbers Game

With 66 percent of Boston residents yet to say “I do,” the city boasts an impressive prospective dating pool. Not to mention, young adults are everywhere, with over 40 different colleges located in the Boston metro. Any dating app in Boston should produce a plethora of potential suitors, even for the pickiest daters. Whether you’re looking for a long-term forever love or just playing the field, there is an app for that.

Beyond a large single population, the metro also offers 159 romantic spots per 10,000 residents, more than three times any other major metro. You won’t have trouble impressing a prospective partner with a restaurant, bar or park around practically every corner.

Where Can You Find Love in Boston?

For a romantic evening, consider checking out the Skywalk Observatory to marvel at 360-degree views of the city. You could also count your lucky stars at Harvard or Boston University’s observatories. If you’re a professional sports fan, date options are abundant. Boston is home to major sport teams like the recent championship-winning Patriots, the Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox. The City pf Champions ensures sports fever and stadium food year-round.

When comparing incomes of these top locations, Bostonians are most likely to have cash to spend on nights on the town, boxes of chocolate or a dozen red roses. The median individual income of singles in the area is a few thousand dollars more than any other ranked metro. And even though rent costs are steep, they don’t offset the difference in earnings.

Whether you’re deep in the digital world of online dating or eagerly seeking to tie the knot, relocating near other singles who can afford a night out only increases your odds of finding romance. If you’re curious to see all the leading locations on Zillow’s list, check out the full breakdown of the metros that rank highest for matchmaking potential.

~By Jen Riner of Zillow

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