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I never really thought about how unbalanced gender-based sexual information really is. Women have a plethora of sex toys, sex toy parties, websites and magazines full of sex tips, hell, there are even college courses centered around female sexuality. But where are all of the sites geared towards men? I’m not talking about porn sites, I’m talking about honest, raw, and vulnerable articles, sex tips and information for men by men.

Well, this is where Better Than the Hand author and adult film star Magnus Sullivan comes in. Magnus stepped in to fill what he found to be a void when it comes to adult sex education— male centered sex tips, toy reviews and talk about masturbation that has got to be, you guessed it, “better than the hand”.

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Magnus Sullivan at AVN; tucked in a somewhat private hallway lounge area at the Hard Rock Hotel, we chatted about sex education, male masturbation and connecting the physical with empathy and compassion. As you listen to our interview, you’ll notice that our conversation, while primarily centered on men, swings back around to the role women play in men accepting their vulnerability and every part of their sexual being.

For instance, ladies, how many of you are upset or threatened by the fact that your man masturbates? How do you fell about his porn consumption? Do you encourage and embrace those healthy expressions, or are you helping your man to feel shame and guilt over his sexual desires?

If you want to learn more about Magnus Sullivan and his work, you can check out his website,, or his sex toy site

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