The Battle of the Sexes (A.K.A Shit You Don’t Do But Should)

battle of the sexes gender roles

A lot of different things have inspired this  rant post, but it has to be said. Men and women would be so much happier if they stopped bitching, whining and show boating to their friends about the opposite sex and just grew the fuck up! That’s right, I said it… grow the fuck up! The battle of the sexes is more like a list of shit you should be doing, but aren’t.

I read an article today on a fellow bloggers Facebook page that was titled 8 Things Women Just Don’t Do Anymore (that they should!) and it was quite an interesting read. Now, maybe I was just raised right or maybe it’s because I am not a burn-your-bra man hating feminist, or maybe both, but I absolutely agree with the article. Now before you go throwing your burning bras at me or take my Vag card away (or whatever it is that female hating feminists do), hear me out.

Men will start being men, when women start acting like women!gender roles

And before you say that those that live in glass whore houses shouldn’t throw stilettos (or however the saying goes), I actually do each and every thing on that list except for my potty mouth. In my defense, I can clean up my dirty mouth in appropriate situations.

I cook and I serve the meals when I cook, I clean, I take care of myself, I compliment my lover when appropriate, I dress for the occasion, and I do my best to anticipate the needs of my loved ones.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a woman getting an education, working and being her own person, but believe it or not I also have very conservative views when it comes to gender roles, children and marriage. As women, we need to stop emasculating our men and start empowering them to be…men!

And now that I really have lost any feminist readership I may have had, I’m going to turn the tides and give you all a list of things that men just don’t do anymore and should!


That’s right men, if you want to gain the interest of a lady then you best have a means of providing for yourself. A man provides, he doesn’t live at home with Mommy and Daddy in his 20’s and 30’s. He also isn’t still living the frat-boy lifestyle shacked up with his old college buddies with pizza boxes strewn about. Man up and live like a grown-up if you want a real woman!

Where Did Chivalry Go?!

Oh where, oh where has the chivalry gone? Now this one goes for both sexes. Men: chivalry is not holding the door as you walk in front of her, it’s not dropping her off at the curb near the movie theater in the rain because you don’t want to run in and get the tickets and it’s certainly not, “Hey, you asked me out so you pay for dinner!” There was a time in our countries not-so-long-ago history (probably your grandparents’ generation if not your parents’) when a woman did not even dare to touch a door handle because it was not lady-like. Now, I understand that as women we are more than capable of opening the door for ourselves, but it’s the simple gesture of allowing the man to be a chivalrous gentlemen that is the point here.

Men: have manners, open doors, stand when she leaves the table, listen when she speaks; these are the true traits of a chivalrous gentlemen.

And ladies… LET HIM! Stop demeaning him by asserting yourself and then complaining that all the good guys are taken.

Dress the Part

This is something that annoys the shit out of me with society as a whole—the dressed down, pajamafication of America. It disgusts me. Guys, if you want your lady to look like a Victoria’s Secret model every second of the day then you damn well better not be walking around dressed like an extra in a Lil Wayne video. Pull up your damn pants, and while we’re at it wear pants that fit you because I’m an ass girl. No hoodies or over-sized T-shirts. No pj’s, sweats, or track pants unless we are working out or in bed. You’re an adult, so dress like one fool!

And while we’re at it, this doesn’t mean that you should take longer than me to get ready either. I don’t want some pansy pretty boy who is worrying about his hair all night because I might be inclined to ask him his favorite brand of feminine douche.

The balance: Frank Sinatra, Al Pacino, Ari Gold (for you Entourage fans like me, although Vince is more my type…but I digress)

Grow a Set!

Most men today should have their man card taken away! And it’s our fault ladies! These romantic-comedies have poisoned our brains into thinking that men should be these pussified, gutless, weepy, pacifists who can’t stand up to their own shadow let alone you.

I’m all for a guy who is in touch with his sensitive side, a guy who can be sweet and sentimental when the moment is right, but I also want a man who is going to protect me, stand up for himself and his principles. Fuck, these days a guy who HAS principles!

The majority of women I know are unhappy because they want a man who is a man… they want Rhett Butler. Now there’s man who knew how to spew those love words and woo a girl, but who would duel in the street if he felt you dishonored him or his family. Swooooon… oh those old-fashioned Southern gentlemen.


OK Ladies and Gents, feel free to chime in, What do you think men/women aren’t doing these days that they ‘should’ be?

I’m a modern woman like any other; I can change my own oil, pump my own gas, re-tile my bathroom and support myself financially. I can also cook and bake from scratch, keep house, sew, knit, and know how to take care of a man.

But a man shouldn’t be looking for a Mommy to take care of him, and women shouldn’t be looking for a project man to fix.

Fix the house, fix your hair and nails… the battle of the sexes will always be there so long as we keep putting up with these warped new gender roles.


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  1. I am not a burn-your-bra man hating feminist,

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a woman getting an education, working and being her own person, but believe it or now I also have very conservative views when it comes to gender roles, children and marriage.

    Here’s a shocker: you can maintain traditional/conservative gender roles and still be a feminist. You can like to cook and bake and clean and dress up and all those things and still believe that men and women should be afforded equal rights. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. It would help your case if you actually understood the basic premise of feminism before you tried to tear it down.

    I don’t think feminist means what you think it means.

    • Perhaps it doesn’t and perhaps it’s regional exposure that has formed my opinion. None the less, the post is about both sexes, not just females. Both sexes have drifted so far away from traditional gender roles that it’s no wonder so many 20 somethings (and even 30 somethings) are having such identity crises! Women have so much masculine energy these days and then they complain that they can’t “find a real man.” Men are getting facials, manicures, waxing, and being told not to be the aggressor, not to pursue the woman and then they wonder why they end up with “bossy” and ‘controlling” women.

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