Back in The Saddle Pt 2

back in the saddle

back in the saddle

I posted here about the fact that I recently had two first dates a couple weekends ago after an eight month stint with monogamy. As mentioned, I’ll fill you in on all of the juicy and not-so juicy details.

Saturday night I went out with a very nice slightly older (by 5 years) man whom we’ll call…..Mr. Too Available. I “met” Mr. Too Available on an online dating website. He sent me a cute little quip about something relating to my online profile and I took the bait. After a dozen messages and a couple of texts, we decided to meet at my favorite local  first-date-don’t-know-if-you’re-a-serial-killer comfy place. It’s like my own personal Cheers except only a few (OK several) of the employees know my name. We had a few drinks, swapped online dating horror stories, chatted for a few hours, laughed a lot…but that was it. There was no spark, no clicking. I did let him drive me home when he insisted, rather than take a cab. Probably mistake #1 for me, but that’s another story which I will tell later.

That Sunday started off quiet and relaxing because I knew I had plans later that night for first date #2. Mr. Boy Toy and I met on a different online dating site, exchanged a bunch of emails then a bunch of texts while trying to coordinate schedules. Mr Boy Toy and I decided that since we live in the same city we would meet in the square and take the T into Faneuil Hall, walk around Boston, grab something to eat and just hang out and get to know each other. MMMM…MMMM..MMMMM! As soon as I layed eyes on Mr. Boy Toy with his baby blue eyes, adorable dimples and muscles that have muscles (he’s a former boxer)…I was screaming 7…7….7! in my head (any Friends fans will understand that reference). Oh! He was so freakin’ adorable I wanted to just eat him up…OK…I wanted to do things a LOT dirtier than that to him, but I refrained. We had a great time and we DID click. I kissed him goodnight (Oh Man what a kiss) and we went our separate ways from the train station. The next morning, Mr Boy Toy showed up at my house with an iced tea, exactly the way I like it (he paid attention when I ordered the night before!) and just wanted to say good morning and wish me a good day. How freakin’ sweet is that?!

To Be Continued…

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