Baby, I Require Satisfaction!

require satisfaction
Confidence. Dominance. Superiority. Strong women have all of these qualities, but knowing how to use them to your advantage is another skill set all together! A skill set, it just so happens, that I seem to have perfected. Let me explain…
It should come as no surprise to my regular readers that I am a sexual deviant and I am not ashamed to admit it. This weekend I let that freak flag fly in true dominatrix fashion.
Mr. Sports Fan and I have talked at great length over the past few months about him accompanying me to the parties thrown by the swinger group I belong to. If you remember from previous posts, these “truth hour’ conversations brought up a lot of issues neither one of us, as commitment phobes, wanted to face or talk about. Recently, as we have become more and more comfortable with whatever it is we are, we have agreed to our own set of rules. What are they? Well, quite simply: I’m in charge. Basically what I say goes and that’s that. If I say yes, it’s yes, if I say no, it’s no. He has to ask my permission and I agree not to do anything that makes him uncomfortable. Basically our rule is respect. Neither of us wants to upset the other and, let’s face it, we’re both pretty limitless, dirty little devils.
This weekend we attended our first swinger party together, a sports themed party at a private social club in Rhode Island. Mr. Sports Fan looked all GQ and shit (which I love) in his jeans (which make his fine ass look even better) and a button down, hair done and smelling oh so good. I, on the other hand, pranced in wearing a grey Nomar jersey, black fishnets and vampy red stilettos…and nothing else.
We waltzed in an hour late and found my friend “C” who organizes the events. The place is huge, with fetish rooms, dungeons, voyeur rooms, a full bar and a dance floor with DJ and stripper poles. This was certainly our kind of place! We mingled, danced, drank, hooked up (as a couple, neither one of us unattended) and had a ¬†lot of fun. So much fun that we went back again last night!
Last night’s theme was “little black dress” and this time I wore a short, tight little black dress with black fishnets and very strappy red stilettos. Not to sound conceited, but it really does a lot for a girl’s ego when ALL eyes, male and female, are on her when she walks into a room. No matter where we went in the club last night, all eyes were on me/us. Crowds gathered around us to watch us (which we love because we are just that kinky) and we had couples coming up to us all night telling us we were the hottest couple in the entire place. Awww shucks! Thanks!
Early in the evening I had complete control over a couch full of people: Mr. Sports Fan and two other couples. We sat on the L-shaped sectional couch, two women on my right, a man on my left and one behind me, while Mr. Sports Fan was on his knees in front of me (where a good bitch boy belongs). I sat in the curve of the sectional spread eagle: left leg stretched across Man’s lap while he played with my shoes and foot (he had a serious foot fetish) and right leg sprawled across the two women to my right. At one point the women went for drinks and I took charge of both Mr. Sports Fan and the Man.
As the sat on the couch next to each other, I sat on both their laps, facing them, and stuck a heel in each of their mouths, demanding the kiss and worship, while I played with both of their shafts. As I man handled the two of them into submission, a crowd gathered, cheering me on. I fuckin’ love that! I had women cheering me on (of course) saying “Hell ya, that’s how you dominate a man!” While men clapped, hooted and watched intently.
We played with these two couples all night until finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I needed, and demanded, satisfaction from Mr. Sports Fan. I grabbed him, kissed him and dragged him to the bed next to the couch so he could give me the pounding I deserved. His only response: “Yes, Mistress”
Good boy Mr. Sports Fan. Obey your Mistress, she requires satisfaction!

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