AVN Interview with Derek Hay of LA Direct Models

Derek Hay LA Models Direct
Photo credit AVN.com

A handsome, intelligent, fascinating older man with piercing blue eyes and a brilliantly sexy British accent. Who am I talking about? Derek Hay of LA Direct Models and the Lee Network of course!

Typically, I focus on giving my readers the inside scoop on their favorite performers, but every now and then I like to speak with the men and women

Derek Hay LA Models Direct
Photo credit AVN.com

behind the curtain. I tracked the very busy Mr. Hay down at his LA Direct Models booth at AVN and, after finding a quiet corner near the bar, we had a little chat about how he got started and what’s to come.

LA Direct Models was founded by Derek Hay, who was a male performer at the time, in 2000, initially as a London-based agency that booked adult work in the United States for British female performers. But it’s so much sexier hearing Derek tell the story himself (just imagine the British accent as you read ::swoon::)—

“I was in the music industry for nearly 20 years and in the early 90’s while p laying a show, well, not playing because I worked for major artists, I was working for the act Metallica at the time, I met a couple of girls and of course they were porn stars and so that began the seed. Through them I met some other girls and through the 90’s, through those friendships and a few dating relationships I learned quite a lot about the business and towards the end of the 90’s started working as male talent and in 2000 started the agency LA Direct Models.”

His accompanying business, the Lee Network, books popular adult film stars who work as feature entertainers in gentlemen’s clubs.

“The Lee Network is centered on feature dancing, which is providing popular adult film stars to gentlemen’s clubs, usually for engagements of anywhere for 2 to 4 nights. Some of our top clubs are Sapphire, Cheerleaders, etc. You don;t have to be with LA Direct Models to be a client with the Lee Network. Lee Network provides services to adult film stars, doesn’t matter which agency they’re with.” says Hay.

“LA Direct Models is obviously an agency and we groom actresses and male talent too to have successful careers.”

I then asked this blue-eyed British fox about tips for girls who want to break into the adult industry. Aside from being a “just a pretty girl”, as was common 10 or 20 years ago, Hay believes the girl “has to want to be in the industry.”

But isn’t being a porn star taboo?

“The taboo, I think, of working in the adult industry, is almost completely gone. And girls are ambitious and they decide,  ‘this is what I want to do’ and then …”

LA Direct Models PornWe spoke a little about how things have evolved, how there’s more of a branding and business aspect to being a “porn star” these days that wasn’t there in the past.

“I think it’s harder now to rise to the very top. I think you really have to be determined and I think you have to have good representation too. I think that’s indicative o f LA Direct Models. We’ve, over the years, been able to take a girl in h er first days in the business and 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 10 years later, have those incremental career upgrades, ya know, to be many of the most popular girls in the business.”

So, in Derek’s opinion, what’s the biggest myth about the business?

“The biggest myth? Well, I don;t know what the biggest myth is, but you can understand why when girls comes into this industry they’re hesitant because they don’t really know what it’s going to be like.” He added, “I think the biggest surprise, if I can answer it that way, is girls are really shocked how friendly everybody is. When they come into the adult community, even after just the first couple of weeks, and they’re making friends and they’re all getting along.”

If you would like to learn more about LA Direct Models, you can visit their website or find them on Twitter @DirectModels

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