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plan b

plan b

Last night I had a slew of request to meet up for drinks, but the 3 main contenders were 2 new guys (one very cocky) and Mr. Navy Man (swooooooon). I decided to meet the non-cocky new guy and kept Mr. Navy Man waiting in the wings.

Now, this is where I need to give you the background info on Mr. Navy Man and I so that you will understand the rest of the night.

I met Mr. Navy Man last Cinco de Mayo while out with my bestie getting our Mexican drink on. She and I were making friends left and right and the place was jam packed! We made friends with the bartenders (ALWAYS do! They ARE in charge of the alcohol after all) and with several employees (the bar manager, wait staff, etc) We were having a great time and then my radar went off! My eye caught a uniform and less than 5 seconds later I i noticed his gorgeous eyes. I stopped talking to my bestie mid sentence and told the bartender ” A, I want to order him!’ as I pointed to this stunning, uniformed man. She laughed and I said “I’m not kidding! I’m serious! Order him ANYTHING he wants and then send him this way!” He already had a drink in his hand, but he accepted the one I bought and made his way through the crowd to come thank me. From the second he walked in the door (and ever since that night) we have had this intense physical attraction to each other that neither one of us can resist. We stayed there talking and flirting for the next few hours.I had taken pictures that night and told him I’d email them to him.

We spent the next couple weeks texting each other on an almost daily basis. We both had insanely busy schedules, but eventually figured out a night where we could met up. We decided to return to the scene of the crime, eat, drink and hang out. We actually found that we have a lot to talk about and seeing each other again just confirmed the intense physical attraction. After a couple hours we got up to leave and as he was walking me to my car he asked if I was OK to drive. I assured him I was fine and then he said “you could stay…if you want” Didn’t need to ask me twice! We went up to his apartment and..well.. WOW! Nope, even wow doesn’t describe what happened that night! This man can tear up a room, let me just tell you that! The sex was so freakin hot between us, I can’t even find the words to describe it! Fabulousness aside, I figured this was just FWB (friends with benefits) and so I got ready to get up and get dressed to leave and he said “you can stay…I want you to stay.” From that moment on, at least one weekend night every weekend we would go out and then go back to his apartment for adult sleep overs.

We continued this for a couple months– this friends with benefits, no strings attached, boyfriend/girlfriend type relationship without all of the relationship drama because we weren’t in a relationship. It was amazing. I’m not sure how or when but eventually we drifted apart from each other for a little while, maybe because we were both busy with life and dating. Every once in a while there would be the random text that would make us both laugh and we’d chat for a few minutes and that would be it. We were Facebook friends as well so we would catch up with each other every so often that way too, commenting on status’ and pictures. There was also the occasional drunk texts to each other, drunk calls from him, etc

A couple of months ago we started really texting again and we picked up right where we left off. We kept saying we should hang out again, but we never made the effort to try……..until this past week! This past week we made several attempts to get together and last night, everything just fell into place for it to happen so, I jumped at the opportunity!

Now that you are caught up I can continue with what happened last night. So, I was all set to meet this new guy for drinks. I text him saying “I just got off the T, see you soon” It only took be about 5 minutes to walk over to the bar from the T.  I hadn’t heard from him since he comfirmed plans with me at 7:30 and it was now 9. I waited outside and I text him letting him know I was waiting outside. No answer.Finally at 9:22 I text him and said “If you don’t appear or respond in the next 5 minutes, I’m leaving”. No answer. I let the 5 minutes go by and left. As I walked back to the T, I text Navy Man asking where he was and if he still wanted to hang out. He got right back to me “Sissy K’s…come!” So, I got back on the train and went into Boston to meet Mr. Navy Man.

Once I got to the bar, I text him to let him know I was in line outside. He called me and came over to the window, huge smile on his face, and said I’ll be right out. He tried to let the bouncer let me cut the line, but they weren’t having it…oh well. He went back to the window, still grinning ear to ear (and looking me up and down…nice!) and called me again “What do you want to drink?” I told him and he had my drink waiting for me when I got inside a couple minutes later. We sat talking and drinking for a few minutes and then he looked at me, smiled and looked away chuckling. I asked him what was so funny and after a few minutes of resisting he said “I can’t even explain how unbelievably attracted to you I am! It’s…I don’t know…. you just drive me absolutely wild!” to which I answered (with a smirk and a wink)  “and I haven’t even touched you…yet” The rest of our time there consisted of LOTS of flirting, touching and some pretty deep conversation where we were pretty blunt with each other. “You know, I’ve stayed away from you because  you are my only real friend here and I am so incredibly attracted to you, I just can’t trust myself. I don’t want you to stop being my friend, but at the same time I find it ridiculously difficult to control myself around you.” I let him know that the feeling was mutual and agreed that we have some sort of indescribable connection, but that no matter what I would always be his friend, that would never change.

We finished our drinks and started walking to his place, stopping every few feet to kiss because we just HAD to. He ended up scooping me up, unexpectedly, and carrying me part of the way, which was cute. Especially when people walking past us started commenting and saying “awww, so sweet.” Walking through the tiny cobblestone streets, we could not keep our hands off each other. The closer we got to his door, the more of our clothes he tried to take off. We opened the door, stepped inside, closed the door behind us and attacked each other! For the next 3 hours! In between rounds of hot, sweaty, mind blowing sex, we lay there talking and relaxing, snuggled up together. He teased about how I’m his kryptonite because when he’s around me he has no self-control, he’s weak. I let him know the feeling was mutual and that he’s like a drug, I’m addicted and can’t get enough. I just keep wanting and coming back for more. We laughed, snuggled and drifted off to sleep for a couple hours. Then round 4! Then back to sleep for a couple hours before round 5!!  Having succeeded in waking his roommate, we both fell back to sleep until about 10:30. Neither of us wanted to get out of bed and we just stayed there, naked, enjoying each other. Eventually, we had to get up because reality was waiting on the other side of the bedroom door…adult responsibilities (YUCK!) We headed out and walked together towards the T, kissed and parted ways.

And that is the story of how important it is to ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a plan B! You never know what opportunities you might be passing up.

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