A Tale of Two Guys

a tale of two men

a tale of two men

This weekend was a busy one! Friday night was a much needed ladies night with my BFF– went out for drinks and dinner and more drinks, had a slumber party except we didn’t partake in the “slumber” part of the part until 4 am!

Saturday I had back to back dates lined up. Date #1 I am going to naaaaaaame….Mr. Body because he’s a personal trainer. Mr. Body and I had plans to meet up for coffee/late lunch. So I suggested a place very local to me (within 5 minutes of my house) and met him there. As I was approaching the parking lot of said establishment, Mr. Body called me to let me know he got lost and was running late. OK, it was still about 10 minutes before we said we’d meet, no problem. I went in, sat at the bar and ordered myself a drink. Mr. Body came waltzing in 10 minutes late (so 20 minutes past when he called me…he doesn’t live that far away). Major loss of brownie points right there. We started talking and things went well. We ordered, had lunch and drinks and then he asked if I wanted to take a walk on the beach since it was still early. We had plenty of time before I needed to be home to change for my plans later that evening so, I said yes to a quick stroll on the beach.
It was the perfect weather to be at the beach too! Sunny, gorgeous and about 20 degrees cooler near the water than it had been near the restaurant! We walked along the water, shoes in hand. At one point Mr. Body took my shoes and my purse from my hands and carried them for me, which I thought was sweet. About halfway down the beach he asked if I minded if he took his shirt off. “We are at the beach, but is it OK with you?” he asked in his Russian accent. “It’s fine by me, but I can’t take anything off” I joked. We laughed and he took his shirt off. OMFG…WOW is all that came to mind! This man’s body looks like it was chiseled. His perfectly bronzed body, with his perfectly chiseled abs and chest….I had to stop myself from starring…and drooling! He took my hand (really, really soft hands) and we continued our walk. We talked and walked for about an hour and a half and then we walked back to the car. He offered his shoulder as support while I balanced on one foot to brush sand from the other. Mmmmm…. muscles! We got back to the car (oh! and he opened EVERY door for me so, he won those brownie points back) and he dropped me off at my house, where he layed an amazing kiss on me. “When can I see you again,” he asked as I got out of the car. So…we have plans to go out again on Wednesday.
Now, as I mentioned earlier, Mr. Body was my first date of this sexy Saturday. I hurried inside, showered really quick, did my hair, make up and changed my clothes in record time! Under 30 minutes! I was so proud of myself. Date # 2 was a dinner date with a guy I’m calling Maverick. Why Maverick? Well, because he’s young, adorable and in the Air Force…just like Tom Cruise’s character in Top Gun who was named Maverick (yes, I know the movie is about the navy, just go with it!).
Before I go on and tell you the story of my date with Maverick, I have to give you a little background info. I am, and always have been since I was about 3 years old, obsessed with men in uniform. You don’t even have to point them out to me; I have uniform radar! If there is a man in uniform, I will find him. Military, firefighter, police, hell…even a sexy mail man can do it for me! I think it’s because every man in my family is or was in the military. There is just something about a uniform that I find absolutely sexy…and Maverick knows this! The second thing you must know is that Maverick is about 6 years younger than me (don’t worry…he’s legal!) and it’s really just a friends with benefits/booty call kind of relationship that we have. We are both up front about it and have agreed to those terms since we met last summer. Now that you are armed with those two pieces of vital information, on with the story…
All week long, Maverick and I were going back and forth through text about our upcoming date. It’s been about 8 months since we’ve seen each other so, it’s safe to assume, dear readers, that the majority of the content of said texts was sexual. “What would you do if I showed up at your door in uniform,” Maverick asked one night in a text. “It’d end up on my floor” was my response. Just tellin’ the truth! I teased him back by telling him that I planned on wearing a short, tight tank dress that left little to the imagination just to see how long he could resist. I know that Maverick is not supposed to be out and about in uniform, apparently it’s frowned upon when you’re in Security Forces so, although I played along with this little fantasy via text, I never thought it would happen.
Door bell rang Saturday promptly at 6:30 pm and I knew it was Maverick for our dinner date. I slowly opened the door, and before it was even halfway open I said “HOLY SHIT!” because on the other side of my screen door, not 3 feet from me, was Maverick in full uniform. HOLY HOTNESS!!! He came inside while I turned to put my shoes on and shut the door. I looked up and saw him, standing “at ease” in his uniform looking beyond hot and couldn’t control myself. I stood up, grabbed him by his lapels and kissed him. After a few minutes of tonsil hockey, I pulled away and he smirked, “Guess my plan worked, huh?”
We composed ourselves and left (Maverick opening EVERY door of course), changing our plan from dinner to just drinks and apps. We went to Margarita’s, had one drink, chips salsa and guacamole and left! Neither one of us could stand the sexual tension any longer. We got back to my house and attacked each other. It was so freakin’ hot! Once we were content with our living room action, we moved the party upstairs to my bedroom. Oh boy! Did I forget how Maverick & I together can tear up a room! We layed in bed, watched a movie, ate take out and talked for a while. Maverick asked if he could spend the night, which I never let him do, but it didn’t work out since he had to be at work back on base at 5 am and I live an hour from base.
Maverick text me today asking when he can see me again. I told  him I’ll let him know. My abs need time to recover first 😉

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