A Perfect Present: What Would She Love to Get?

perfect present for girlfriend

While I work on some new articles for the New Year, Please enjoy this sponsored post from Oleg Mishyn of RuBrides.com. Happy New Year!

Have you ever felt like your woman is not satisfied with her birthday present or a vacation souvenir? You can see her smiling and being sincerely grateful, but her eyes were sad? RuBrides.com and our team have decided to prevent all of those miserable occasions in your life by revealing tips for giving a perfect present to your girl!

  1. Flowers. Men often forget how much girls love bouquets. Women even sometimes perceive those as the greatest demonstration of your love! Be careful with choosing – some types of flowers can speak louder than you think. In fact, never give her yellow tulips – they signalize a pending breakup. Red roses are often suggested as a sign of true love, so do not bring them if you are not sure about your feelings. Basically, keep an eye on what you buy – flowers must be fresh, or else your woman will be harshly disappointed.
  2. Jewelry. As they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It is no wonder: a girl with a diamond ring and earrings is a queen in her own eyes. In addition, some women love to make everyone around them envious; in this particular situation, her best helper is jewelry. However, choose wisely – ask her friends what she would love to wear, or if she is not into surprises just take her to a jewelry store and let her choose.
  3. Gadgets. This is a minefield: she might be surprised and happy, or feel indifferent and perfect present for girlfriendunsatisfactory. Well, maybe except for such particular cases as a new phone. On the other hand, a geek girl would be blissfully thankful to get a new video game console or a camera for extreme sports usage. Just try to understand what kind of girl you are dating. One more thing: do not ever present her kitchen supplies until requested; she can buy them herself. Your aim is to let her know she is a beloved woman, but not a cook. Washing machines and refrigerators can be bought much later while creating a cozy home together.
  4. Clothes. Again – a minefield. If you saw her trying on a dress and she decided not to buy it then do not buy it either (unless she expressed that the reason she didn’t buy it was the price). The same formula works with shoes. The only thing you can get her without asking is furs. Do not ever think of her as a gold-digger. Think of her as the most expensive precious jewel in your life. She ought to wear furs, and it is not about demonstrating her status, but yours.
  5. Vacation. A long cruise on a luxurious ship, a small villa on the Pacific coast, a trip through Italy (from Rome to Sicily) – everything fits. Spending vacation time together can be the happiest moments of your life.

You need to know that she values your love, not your presents. Without your attention and heart, each and every of your expensive souvenirs is worth nothing at all

These suggestions are only a tip of the iceberg; trust your imagination and believe your heart – and even the humblest present will be perceived as a treasure. Your struggles will be equally rewarded if you put thought into any present you give her, believe us.

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