50 Sultry Summer Nights

sexy summer night

sexy summer night

My best friend and I are avid readers of all of the major style magazine publications. Every issue seems to be chalk full of “fabulous” ways to stir things up in the bedroom. Every month we are laughing and rolling our eyes at the tameness of these so-called sexy thrills. Are they serious? Are these PG-13 equivalent suggests really what the writers and editors consider to be bold in the bedroom? Well, if that’s the case then hold on to the bedposts as I deliver to you fifty sexy suggestions– a different one for (almost) every steamy, summer night.

1. Wear a skirt on your dinner date, minus the panties, and while you are at the table, send him a text of what dessert looks like.
2. A few Altoids in your mouth while you pleasure him is likely to cause pure ecstasy
3. The above is also true when you substitute the Altoids for ice
4. Forget the Altoids and ice and try pop rocks to get his rocks off!
5. Tie him up…using plastic wrap. The more he pulls, the tighter it gets (hint: keep scissors handy)
6. Having a few drinks? Let him drizzle his drink on you and lick it off. The sensation of cold and then warm will blow your mind.
7. The thrill of getting caught…try sex in public! See how many of these public places you can add to your been-there-done-that list this summer:
8. Movie theater
9. Beach (hint: less sand where you don’t want it if you use the lifeguard chair)
10. Elevator
11. Dressing room
12. Public bathroom
13. Hotel pool
14. Backseat
15. Front seat of the car
16. Hood of the car
17. On a train
18. On a boat
19. Jungle gym
20. In a tent
21. Outside under the stars
22. Under a waterfall (Hey, it’s sexy in movies and it’s sexy in real life!)
23. Short on vacation time? Can’t get away from the office? How about an office quicky right there on the desk?
24. Get creative! See if you can go an entire week without using the same position twice!
25. Who says sex has to happen in the bedroom all of the time? How about:
26. The dining room table
27. The bathroom counter
28. The kitchen counter
29. In the shower
30. The backyard
31. On top of the washer during the spin cycle
32. On the stairs
33. Pull those toys out from hiding and use them… together!
34. I know it’s summer, but you don’t have to wait for Halloween to play dress up. Military man? Slutty cheerleader? Sexy nurse? Firefighter? Have fun with it and really get into the role.
35. Don’t be shy! Confidence is sexy. Spend the night saying exactly what you want and how you want it.
36. Forget renting porn…create it! Later, you can watch it together…or alone.
37. Meeting for dinner or drinks after work? Excuse yourself from the table, pretending to forget something in the car and then once you’re out there, send a text to your significant other telling them you need their help. Once they arrive, pull them into the car and enjoy a quicky.
38. I scream! You Scream! You’ll both scream when you turn each other into dessert by topping one another with your favorite ice cream extras. Whipped cream and hot fudge anyone? Don’t forget the cherry.
39. Hands Off! Try to use every other part of your body with each other except your hands
40. Seduction goes a long way for both genders. Tease and seduce each other all day with sexy “come hither” stares, raunchy sexting and seductive phone messages and emails.
41. Put a frozen grape in your mouth, warm it up a little and then, holding it between your teeth, run it down his neck, chest and back up to his lips.
42. While kissing him, wrap your lips around his tongue and suck, imitating the action he’d like you to take down below.
43. Ladies…show up at his place wearing knee high boots or his favorite pair of stilettos, a long coat and a smile. Nothing else.
44. The above suggestion could also be: his favorite team jersey and a pair of stilettos
45. Fruit Roll-ups aren’t just for the lunch box. Peel one off the plastic, wrap it around his shaft and suck it off.
46. Guys… tie her ankles together before you enter her missionary style. Win-win for both of you since she’ll feel tighter to you (making you feel bigger to her) and it increases stimulation for her.
47. A candy necklack makes a great garter…and snack for him to eat off of you
48. Learn here how to give her a 15 minute orgasm
49. Kama Sutra anyone? (WARNING: This link contains nudity)
50. All a Boston sports fan really needs to put them in the mood is for the home team to win.

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