30 Things Every Woman Should Do in 2015

things every woman should do

It’s that time of year again—time to ring in another year and with that usually comes the obligatory bullshit New Year’s resolutions. Why bullshit? Because sweetie, we all know that by February all of those New Year’s resolutions to go to the gym, eat better, to swear off guys etc, etc… they will all be as far gone as your long lost virginity!

I was recently reading Cosmo’s 50 Things Every Woman Should Do Before She Dies and it made me shake my head. Really, Cosmo? Really?! Was this list written by a fucking 15 year old girl??  I have done everything on their 7th grade equivalent list…some things more than once!

This led me to come up with my own bucket list of things that every woman should do in 2015…and beyond!

30 Things Every Woman Should Do!

1. Refuse to settle! Whether it’s in friendships, relationships, work… no matter what refuse to settle. things every woman should do

2. Stop being a door mat! It’s OK to say no.

3. Learn to be alone and enjoy it.

4.Do a boudoir or nude photo shoot. Even if you never show the pictures to anyone, it’s empowering, sexy and will teach you to love the body you have.

5. Stop feeling guilty.whatever it is, let it go.

6. Buy a sex toy and enjoy it!

7. Be scared shitless and do it anyway!

8. Start a job that you love.

9. Have sex in public.

10. Have really, really good sex. I mean mind blowing!

11. Kiss a girl…just to say you’ve done it. You might like it 😉

12. Live out your sexual fantasies…and don’t feel shameful about it!

13. Date a guy you wouldn’t normally date. You might enjoy it.

14. Stop treating every date like it’s a relationship. Not every date has relationship potential, nor should they.

15. Buy a tool kit and learn how to use everything in it–without a guy!

16.Date someone much older than you. You will learn so much from them about life, love, sex, relationships, men, etc… So worth it!

17. Date someone significantly younger than you (but legal of course. 18+ ladies!) You will teach them so much that they will carry into other relationships. Plus younger men are so smitten with older women that they are very attentive. Win-win!

18.Do something your friends don’t approve of. Let’s face it ladies, our girlfriends tend to sway our decisions one way or the other so in 2015, stop letting them, even if it’s just once. Date that guy they don’t like, buy that dress, get that haircut… pick something, anything and just do it for you! If it turns out bad you can always chalk it up to life experience, but what if it turns out good?

19. Live by yourself.

20. Take a risk

21. Stop blaming guys for breaking your heart. I’ll use Carrie and Mr. Big as an example. Truth: the problem was never Mr. Big, it was always Carrie! She knew what and who he was from the start and she kept expecting that he would change. WRONG! Don’t expect someone to be something they’re not. You don’t want to be something you’re not, so why should he?

22. Grow up and stop wearing pajamas in public!!!

23. Go to a strip club. Yes, girls can have fun making it rain for the ladies too! Some of these women can work a pole and leave me amazed (and wanting to find a pole fitness class), but more importantly you learn to really appreciate how beautiful the female body really is…. and how different we all are (plus you might learn a few moves to try later on)

24. Get rid of the people in your life who bring you down or hold you back. Cut them lose and don’t look back.

25. Buy a pair of really slutty, super high stilettos and wear them out with confidence.

26. Take a self-defense class. You’re knight in shining armor won’t always be around when you need him…or he could just be a jerk in tinfoil that you need to fend off!

27. Learn how to load, unload and properly (and safely) shoot a gun.

28. Go to Fleet Week and “do it” for your country!

29. Create a sexual bucket list

30. Stop pretending to be someone or something your not when you’re around a guy you like or are dating. The fake you might be someone he likes, but who he likes isn’t you. If he doesn’t like you for you, then he doesn’t deserve you so move on.

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  1. OMG – I’m so thrilled I’ve actually done many of these!!! Except for the gun thing. Yay for 2015 – I need to complete the list. Thanks for the post – good job with the list!

  2. #21…yes, Yes, and YES!!!!!

    I am so over Sex and the City. It ended over 10 years ago and Carrie is NOT a role model! She was an emotional and financial train wreck!
    Big rocked and she blew it!

    Great list…I especially like the Sex in Public 😉

  3. WOOHOO! I’ve done all but 26, 28 and 29, that is if “in a cab” counts for #9!! lol). What is Fleet Week? Am I daft? And I have never taken a self-defense class (tho it’s on the list) because my brothers were bullies… They didn’t beat me, but in order to fit in, I learned to wrestle and kick their ass… not matter what size they were. LOL!!! Fun list Boston! 🙂

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