10 Things Guys Should Never Say

things guys should never

things guys should  never

Just when I think I’ve heard everything, some “Prince Charming” comes along and says something to top the list! Guys, do you seriously think this crap works on us? To spare some poor, unfortunate soul the social embarassment that should rightfully follow saying something utterly stupid, here’s my top 10 list (in no particular order of ranking):

1) My friend (insert name) should hook up with you (guys, if we’re dating YOU we don’t want you to hook us up with your friends!!)

2) My ex used to do some crazy S%!T in bed! (Really?! You think this is going to get you laid?)

3) So, do you like to give head? (I know this may be what you’re wondering and thinking, but please guys…FILTER!)

4) I used to pop pills like they were Pez candies (congrats on the recovery, but this isn’t 1st date, or even 10th date, conversation!)

5) So, my backseat or yours?

6) My ex is the-one-that-got-away (OK, so if that’s how you feel, go get her back! Why are you here wasting my time?)

7) I typically go after blondes with big boobs. Do you have a type? (um.. absolutely! My type is a guy who doesn’t have my stilletto firmly planted in his ass!)

8) I think your best friend is a slut. (I’m all for honesty, but this is WAY out of line and gets you a one way ticket to Singlesville!)

9) What do you mean you were busy? Why couldn’t you text me 900 times today? Don’t you know I miss you? Why didn’t you call me 55 times today? You never think about me! I’m not important enough to you I guess! (Oh yes, I have actually had these words spoken to me by a guy! Not attractive AT ALL! Guys…we don’t appreciate Stage 5 clingy either)

10) I wish you were someone else (If you want to be with someone else, then don’t waste my time or yours! Go BE with someone else!)

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