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Me Before You Review: A Movie With Heart and Soul

Jun 02, 2016 No Comments by

Last night I went to the advanced screening of Me Before You (thank you Allied Media Boston) at Boston Common AMC theater. With popcorn, candy and complimentary tissues strategically placed, I settled in, prepared (or so I thought) for the movie to begin. I had the basic premise of the movie—girl meets boy, boy is a […]

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Bad Online Dates BOD App Turns Bad Dates Into New Possibilities

May 12, 2016 No Comments by

We can probably agree that not all dates go as expected. Why should you have to sit through another bad date? The bod app is the perfect way to ditch the dud and move on with your night! Everyone has suffered through a bad date at some point in their life, but rarely there’s a […]

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Singles in America: Sex, Love, Politics and Biology

Feb 18, 2016 No Comments by

We are often made to feel like the label “single” is a dirty word, yet according to the most recent Singles in America study nearly  one-third of the adult population in the United States is single.  The fact is there are more singles in America than there are married people! In 1950, married couples represented 78 […]

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‘FollowPlus to Launch Soon’ Says Founder Lindsey Buxton

Feb 03, 2016 1 Comment

What would happen if Twitter and Facebook had a baby? You’d probably end up with FollowPlus, this amazing new app set to launch sometime this month. I sat down with founder and CEO Lindsey Buxton during the AVN/AEE Expo to find out just exactly Follow+ is. As an online model, Lindsey is no stranger to […]

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Top 10 Boston Single Girl Posts of 2015!

Dec 27, 2015 No Comments

2015 is coming to a close and it’s  just about time to ring in a  new year. I’m not one for resolutions, I think they’re a bunch of BS, but hey, whatever rocks your world. While we wait to see what 2016 has in store, I’d like to take a look back at the greatest […]

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Your Las Vegas Guide to a One Night Stand

Nov 19, 2015 No Comments

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? (Except herpes, just remember that shit comes home with you and grab a few of these before your trip!) Joshua Pompey is known as one of the world’s leading online dating experts. Joshua Pompey is no stranger to Las Vegas or to and has shared some great tips for […]

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The Night I Played with Fantasy Daters

Apr 23, 2015 6 Comments

Last night I did something just a little naughty… I played with a man AND a woman! It was intimate, it was fun and I can’t wait to do it again. What am I talking about? Well, the Fantasy Dating game of course! (I know what you were thinking you dirty little devils!) I had […]

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Something for Everyone Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Feb 12, 2015 5 Comments

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and I have pulled together some fantastic prizes for THREE lucky winners, which have nothing to do with expressing your undying love for another human being (well, maybe one or two of them might promote that, but not in a yucky, fake ass Hallmark sort of a way)! Now, I’m […]

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When Sex Leads to Broken Furniture

Oct 08, 2014 4 Comments

Have you ever had one of those wild, rip each other’s clothes off, tear the room up sex sessions with your lover? You know (or I hope you do) the kind. I had one of these nights recently and, in addition to walking a little funny the next day, it also resulted in broken furniture! […]

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Weddings and the Single Girl

Jun 25, 2014 5 Comments

‘Tis the season to wed apparently and every wedding has to have the token singles table. Whether your in the wedding or simply attending as a guest, your friend’s and family’s wedded bliss can end up costing you a fortune both financially and to your self-esteem. Being single for these weddings can have you wanting […]

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