Free Sexy Easter Basket Giveaway!!

Apr 14, 2014 14 Comments by

A tisket, a tasket, a naughty Easter basket! That’s right my loves, as a special way to celebrate the third anniversary of Boston Single Girl and because Easter is in a few days, I’ve created this sexy Easter basket giveaway! So just what kind of goodies are in store for the naughty  lucky winner? A […]

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Three Sexy Years Later: Happy Anniversary!

Apr 12, 2014 4 Comments by

Happy Anniversary to me! What a long, sexy trip it’s been! Three years ago, when I sat down at my laptop to basically begin an online diary of my dating adventures, I never thought that I would be hanging out in Las Vegas, interviewing porn stars, happily living the swinger lifestyle with a steady man […]

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Does Watching Porn Ruin Your Sex Life?

Apr 09, 2014 6 Comments by

Don’t tell me you don’t do it. Of course you do it. We all do it. Everyone watches porn at some point in their lives and if you say you never have then you’re a fucking liar! Some of us (like moi) love it and watch it all the time. It appeals to our voyeuristic […]

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Is Being Friends With An Ex Dangerous?

Apr 05, 2014 2 Comments

We’ve all ended things with someone at least once by saying, “We can still be friends,” and maybe we really mean it. For the most part though, we’re all bullshitting when we say it. What happens when, for whatever reason, you do remain friends with an ex? Are you really just friends with that person? […]

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Interview with Dan O’Connell of Girlfriends Films

Apr 02, 2014 5 Comments

“For fine folks with good hearts and curious minds.” That’s the motto of Girlfriends Films, the world largest library of girl-girl films. While I was in Las Vegas at the AVN Awards, I had the pleasure of sitting for a chat with the founder of Girlfriends Films, Dan O’Connell. I met Dan at the Girlfriends […]

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Does Love Have To Equal Marriage?

Mar 29, 2014 2 Comments

We all know how the story goes: girl meets guy. Girl and guy date. Guy and girl fall in love. Girl or guy gets spooked/fucks up somehow and they split. Guy and girl realize they want to try again. Girl and guy are back in a relationship. This scene may play out a few more […]

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Sex, Addiction and Stupidity

Mar 26, 2014 No Comments

Sex, addiction and stupidity. Sounds like a fun time, maybe? Throw in some humor and you’ve got yourself a party! Dan, over at Limit Break Studios, recently wrote a book entitled Limit Break: a Memoir of Sex, Addiction and Downright Stupidity and I have to say, I’m only 4 chapters in, but this shit is hilarious! Between […]

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Can You Survive Bad Sexual Chemistry?

Mar 22, 2014 4 Comments

We’ve all been there: sitting around the table over cocktails and dishing to our friends about our latest dating interest or conquest. You go on and on about how perfect he or she is, how compatible you two are, how they meet everything on your imaginary “perfect person” checklist  (don’t laugh, we all have one)…and […]

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Love Lessons: Dating Advice for Teen Girls

Mar 19, 2014 4 Comments

OK class, school is in session and Boston Single Girl is your sexy Professor of all things dating! Now, take a seat, grab a pen and listen closely ladies. Today’s lesson: dating advice for teen girls. Now before you more mature readers shake your heads at me and wag your fingers at the thought of […]

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What To Expect When Your Swinging

Mar 15, 2014 No Comments

Lately, I have been answering a lot of questions about swinging from newbies, readers, followers and close friends who know I’m involved in the lifestyle. Most people are intrigued by how it all happens, others are interested in what happens. So I figured I’d give you all the dirty details of how to jump in […]

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