Stop Trying to Get Your Boyfriend to Chase You!

Mar 11, 2015 5 Comments by

OK Ladies, what is going on here?! Articles are popping up all over in the place, online and in print on how to get your boyfriend to chase you. In fact, I just searched those exact terms in Google and it resulted in over 11 million results in less than a minute! Seriously ladies?! Since […]

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My First Dose of Sex With Sunny Megatron

Mar 02, 2015 9 Comments by

At the AVN Expo in January, I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Sunny Megatron, host of Showtime’s Sex with Sunny Megatron. So just who is Sunny Megatron? Well, I can assure you she is not the long lost daughter of a Transformer…I know…I asked her how she got the name “Megatron” and whether […]

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Down and Dirty with Seth Gamble

Feb 23, 2015 10 Comments by

It’s hard not to get lost in fantasy land when looking into the incredible baby blues of adult film star Seth Gamble. And by fantasy land I mean the fantasy of ravaging this absolutely smoking hot piece of man candy…it really is hard to concentrate on anything else…or maybe that’s just me. In case you […]

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Sex Confessions: The Night I Dominated the Limo Driver

Feb 16, 2015 4 Comments

It’s true what they say: Las Vegas is Sin City. Being that I’m a rule breaker and love to push the limits, Las Vegas is the perfect playground for this Boston Single Girl; it’s limitless! Since people keep asking me, “How was Vegas,” I figured I’d start with this sex confession. Gather ’round kids and […]

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Something for Everyone Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Feb 12, 2015 5 Comments

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and I have pulled together some fantastic prizes for THREE lucky winners, which have nothing to do with expressing your undying love for another human being (well, maybe one or two of them might promote that, but not in a yucky, fake ass Hallmark sort of a way)! Now, I’m […]

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Girl Talk with Girlfriends Films Newest MILF Mindi Mink

Feb 07, 2015 No Comments

  I caught up with newest Girlfriends Films starlett, Mindi Mink, at the Adult Video Network (AVN) expo a few weeks ago and we had a little girl talk session. Wow, I can see what Moose and Dan (O’Connell) saw in her! At 46 years old, she is not only smoking hot, but she is […]

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30 Things Every Woman Should Do in 2015

Jan 01, 2015 5 Comments

It’s that time of year again—time to ring in another year and with that usually comes the obligatory bullshit New Year’s resolutions. Why bullshit? Because sweetie, we all know that by February all of those New Year’s resolutions to go to the gym, eat better, to swear off guys etc, etc… they will all be […]

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Please Check Your Drama At The Door!

Nov 19, 2014 5 Comments

There’s nothing worse than drama, or more specifically relationships that involve drama. I honestly just can’t be bothered with people like this, no matter how much I like them (or in some cases want to fuck them). If I’m at a party or out with someone and all of a sudden the conversation turns from […]

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To Love and Support While He Serves and Protects

Oct 22, 2014 3 Comments

It’s no surprise that I have a fetish for men in uniform—let me rephrase that—for men in authoritative uniforms; cops, firefighters and especially military. This lust for  a sexy man in a crisp  uniform began when I was a little girl at my cousin’s wedding. Yes, even at 3 years old, as I paraded my […]

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Hey Baby, What’s Your Type?

Oct 15, 2014 6 Comments

At some point in our lives the “what’s your type” question is bound to pop up at least once (usually more) whether it’s asked by a well-meaning friend or family member, a quiz in a magazine or through some soul searching of our own. What’s your type? What does that question even mean? (eHarmony has […]

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